traveling around the world

traveling around the world

Monday, October 17, 2011

Discover Micronesia!

Hello travelers from all around the world!

 This is the first post in our blog -a biiiiiiig free online video store about traveling around the world-. We are travelfans, travelfreaks, just like you! We spent many hours every week trying to find quality and valuable video footage about foreign regions all over the world to feed our traveling needs, to gather information about our future destinations, learn about different cultures, get in touch with other people, share knowledge and communicate. Since me and my bud, Ilias, have gathered around 200 videos from various sources such as, national geographic, discovery channel, travelplanet, nbc, BBC traveling and ofcourse from our personal recorded journeys we thought why not set up a blog and publish all these interesting footage we have, just to make other travelers life easier! Okey so that was the intro.

 I wanted something exotic for our first blog post, so i thought Micronesia is a really astonishing place to start with. It is a dream destination and i think every traveler that respects hiself should pay a visit. 
So, download the video: Micronesia, The Exotic Destination (click "continue as free user"). The file is uploaded on, so we can ensure you it is valid and virus-free. Enjoy! If you find it nice and interesting please feel free and share it with your friends!!!